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Welcome Magazine
for the best hotels

We write tailor-made travel guides for B&Bs, Boutique Hotels and accommodations. Our priority?

That guests have a great trip. 

Written by us, Milanese

Each guide is carefully written by our team. We select unbiased, high-quality content. We do not receive commissions from the places we suggest-our focus is to ensure that travelers have an exceptional experience.


We customize each digital guide by including details of your accommodation, highlighting that it is an exclusive, premium service reserved only for your guests.

In subscription

We offer our guides through a convenient subscription, starting at only 10€ per month per facility. Thus, with no strings attached, we guarantee continuous and reliable updates.

Always up to date

We update our guides every week with new events and content. 

We know that printed guides written every 5 years cannot be reliable.

Welcome Guidebook Premium Service

Offer a premium service to your guests

Figuring out what to do in the city can be complex. Many guests don't have time to plan and rely on local tips or search online.

Rely on us to provide the most accurate and useful tourist information.

Get rid of frequently asked questions

How many times have you been asked "can you recommend a restaurant in the area?" or "what's nice to do in Milan?" 

Leave it to us to provide the best tourist information.


What you will find in our guides

Contact us for your
front desk guide

Welcome Guidebook

We ask you a few questions to customize the Welcome Guidebook just for your facility. 

Don't worry, the request is non-binding and we don't ask for any payment method. 

Apply now for premium service for your guests in just 30 seconds!

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